The customer will receive an email containing an invoice and confirming the order. If a customer wishes to cancel an order, they may do so within 10 minutes of initial order. This time may not be extended. Make sure you are satisfied with your order requests before you put in your payment information and submit your order.


No refund will be issued due to customer error i.e.,(a) a customer does not ansewer their phone, call-box, door or email, (b) a customer is dissatisfied with their selection or (c) if a customer does not answer their phone, door, call-box or email in a timely fashion reulting in a cold or otherwise diminished order quality.






GRUBBUGS.COM is your personal concierge for your favorite fast-food dirve-thru eats. GRUBBUGS.COM does not sell any food and is in no way directly affiliated with any food establishment. All logos of restaurants, product pictures, names of meals or products are the sole property of those entities and have no afiliation with GRUBBUGS.COM. All pictures are for suggestion only.


GRUBBUGS.COM only handles packaged food. For your safety and ours, we never handle your food unpackaged. GRUBBUGS.COM is solely a concierge service, working for our customers. We are in no way responsible for the condition, quality or content of the food. If you have a problem with your food, do not contact GRUBBUGS.COM. We take no responsibility or liability for the food. We just deliver it.


**Consuming raw and/or undercooked foods may pose serious health risks.


**Orders during rush hour and high-volume traffic may take longer than expected.